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3 Features To Look For When Buying A Split Core Current Sensor

If you need to purchase a split core current sensor, then you might be wondering what features to look for. Even though this is a commonly used piece of equipment, it's not something that the average person has to shop for very often. Knowing what features to look for is important if you want to be happy with the current sensor that you purchase. Some of the features that you will probably want to watch out for have been listed here.

1. Flexible Core

First of all, you may want to look for a current sensor that has a flexible core. Some of these units are made from directional silicon steel, for example, and they can move around easily. This flexibility is a good thing for a few reasons. For one thing, it will make installing and using the current sensor easier, since you can make it move like you need it to when installing it and putting it to use. Additionally, the flexibility of one of these units will help protect it from breaking or otherwise being damaged during regular use.

2. Encapsulation

Encapsulation is another feature that you might want to look for when searching for a split core current sensor. When using one of these devices in an industrial environment, there is the possibility of them getting dirty or wet. Dust, dirt, and moisture can all cause damage to your current sensor if it's not properly protected. Some units are fully encapsulated in rubber or other materials that are resistant to moisture and dirt. This makes cleaning the unit easier, since you don't have to worry about coming in contact with fragile parts. Additionally, it makes protecting the unit from moisture and dirt a whole lot easier, meaning that your split core current sensor might hold up better over the long-term, particularly in a moist or dirty work environment.

3. Safety Features

Lastly, consider looking for a split core current sensor with basic safety features. For example, some units come with a self-contained voltage clamping circuit; this feature is designed to help prevent dangerous high voltage.

When it's time to purchase a split core current sensor to put to use within your industrial business, it's wise to look for the three features listed above. Then, you can help make sure that you are purchasing a current sensor that is going to be safe to use and that is going to hold up well.