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Choose The Right Boiler For Your Business

When it comes to choosing a boiler for industrial applications, there are several factors you need to consider. You want a boiler that's efficient and powerful enough to get the job done. Ideally, it should also be low maintenance with an inexpensive fuel source. Here are four reasons that you should choose a fire tube steam boiler for your steam-generating needs:

1. Fire tube boilers use inexpensive fuel.

In order to operate your boiler, you need to place fuel into the appropriate chamber, called the firebox. Fire tube boilers use gaseous fuel for combustion. Natural gas is an inexpensive fuel source that can power all the boilers your business needs for a very affordable price. Steam boilers are more energy efficient than using electricity, so they can save you money.

2. Fire tube boilers are smaller.

Fire tube boilers are smaller than their water tube counterparts, which makes them ideal if space is an issue. These boilers contain more water than other types of boilers despite their small size, which means they can quite easily maintain a steady temperature. This means fire tube boilers are very efficient. By purchasing more than one boiler, you can meet even large energy needs.

3. Fire tube boilers require less maintenance.

Fire tube boilers contain combustible material inside their inner tubes, which are submerged in water. These boilers require very little maintenance, which makes them ideal for small companies with smaller staffs. The fire tubes are safe and easy to access since they're suspended in water, an inert substance. This means that any necessary maintenance can be performed quickly and easily.

4. Fire tube boilers are safe.

All industrial boilers are dangerous pieces of machinery that need to be handled with respect. However, fire tube boilers are safer than many alternatives. Water tube boilers produce steam by heating tubes filled with water with a surrounding combustion chamber. This is more dangerous than a fire tube boiler since the water tube boiler's combustion chamber is full of natural gas which must be handled with care.

Each type of boiler has its pros and cons, which you'll need to weigh carefully depending on your company's manufacturing goals. Whichever type of boiler you decide to purchase, make sure to get it from a reputable supplier. Find a manufacturer that specializes in the type of boiler you need, whether that's fire tube steam boilers or water tube boilers.