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Four Reasons Your Restaurant Needs A Drop Ceiling

While high, open ceilings can lend an industrial vibe to a restaurant, the disadvantages of an open space usually outweigh any aesthetic value it can add. Here are four benefits of using a restaurant drop ceiling solution instead.

Drop Ceilings Can Cut Down On Your Energy Expenses

Heating and cooling a space with high or vaulted ceilings can be incredibly costly. Hot air rises, which means your heating and ventilation system needs to be more elaborate to create comfort zones. Otherwise, you could end up with a furnace or air conditioner that is constantly running yet not adequately providing a comfortable temperature throughout the space.  

Drop Ceilings Can Create Intimacy

While high ceilings can look impressive, dining guests often feel less comfortable in such a vast and open space. Booths are often the most-chosen seats in a restaurant, and part of the reasoning is it provides diners with their own personal, enclosed space. Having a ceiling overhead will add to the sense of intimacy and security. No one wants to feel like they are dining in a warehouse.

Drop Ceilings Are More Hygienic

Restaurant owners often don't notice the small things, but you can bet their patrons do. High ceilings are difficult to keep clean. Restaurants with high ceilings usually rely on ceiling fans to keep the air moving and to more evenly disperse the heat or air conditioning. In older buildings in particular, dust is constantly generated. Keeping the ceiling and fans clean and dust-free is difficult, time-consuming, and potentially dangerous, but risking dust falling on your tables, customers, and their food is an even bigger nightmare.

Drop Ceilings Improve The Acoustics

Restaurants with high ceilings are generally incredibly loud. Most people want to have a quiet dinner when they go out to eat. They don't want to hear all the sounds of a busy restaurant plus the other patrons. If your customers can't hear one another over the din, they won't be as likely to return when they are celebrating one of life's special events.

Poor acoustics in your restaurant can also discourage other activities. For example, live music doesn't sound good in a space with high ceilings. Local businesses who want to hold meetings at your venue will be less likely to repeat the behavior if the space is too noisy. Drop ceiling tiles come in many colors and textures and are made from materials that will improve the acoustics of your space.