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4 Reasons Why A Seal May Fail

Seals are an important part of mechanical equipment. When you have equipment that uses seals, you need to know how to identify and take care of damaged seals. Knowing how to spot damage to seal will help you take better care of your equipment.

Failure Reason #1: Deterioration

Over time, a seal can lose its elasticity. When it loses its elasticity, it will crack and can eventually crumble. This can happen due to exposure to temperatures that change as well as because of exposure to direct sunlight. Once you replace the seal, prevent this type of damage in the future by keeping the temperatures consistent and keep your seals out of direct sunlight.

Failure Reasons #2: Extrusion

Extrusion is when the sides of the seal push our to the side. This happens when there is too much pressure on the seal, and it wears down over time. This is something natural that happens and is just a sign that you need to replace the seal.

Failure Reason #3: Grooving

Grooving happens when the lip of the seal shows vertical wear lines along the groove. Cuts and marks develop along the vertical sides of the seal. This usually happens because fluids that should not be there is pressing up against the seal. This may also happen because air bubbles in the fluid system are pushing up against the seal.

After you replace the seal, you are going to need to make sure that you clean the equipment and remove any and all contaminants from the fluid. Also, make sure that all air bubbles are removed from the system as well. Once you do this, your seals should hold up better.

Failure Reason #4: Fracturing

Fracturing happens when the sides of the seal break. There are lots of breaks, like fracturing cement, all over the sides of the seal.

This happens for a few reasons. Fracturing cracks can happen on the side of a seal when the seal starts to break down, which is just a natural part of the process. Fracturing can also occur when the fluid breaks down, in which place the fluid in your system needs to be replaced with new fresh fluid once you change the seal.

When it comes to taking care of hydraulic seals, you need to make sure that you are taking care of the equipment. Make sure the fluids in the equipment are in good condition. Replace any damaged seals.