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The Benefits Of Using Crushed Stone Pathways On Your Company's Campus

If you are building out or remodeling your company's campus, you might eventually arrive at the question of what to do about building pathways. Maybe you need employees to be able to walk easily from one section of the campus to another or maybe you just want to add some new paths for landscaping reasons. While there is of course a wide variety of materials to choose from when it comes to creating new paths, crushed stone gravel remains a popular choice for many commercial businesses with outdoor land to maintain. Here's why your company might want to reach out to a crushed stone supplier today.

Keep Your Project Under Budget

Adding new pathways to a large campus can quickly become an expensive endeavor. If your business only has a limited budget for this work, you might not be able to go with concrete or even asphalt for your new paths. The exact cost of crushed stone gravel will of course vary depending on the exact type and who you buy it from, but in general, a stone pathway is less expensive to build than one built with concrete, brick or asphalt. You'll be able to create reliable, safe paths for your campus without breaking your budget. You can then use the money you saved on another part of the campus remodel.

Crushed Stone Comes in All Shapes and Colors

Crushed stone can be relatively simple and come with a basic white or gray look to it, but you can do more here if you really want to. You could use sandstone or limestone for example if you want to achieve a specific kind of look or color. Find the perfect match that will be a great fit for the rest of your campus or the other landscaping work you are currently putting into place.

Curve as Needed

If you have rolling hills on your campus or otherwise need to add a bit of a curve to your pathways, this could be quite expensive or even impossible to do with something like concrete. Crushed stone can be put into place just about anywhere and you won't have to worry about the area becoming unstable when it's installed correctly. If you need to add an especially curvy path or one that will have a significant change in elevation, crushed stone gravel might be the way to go.

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