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Roll Cage Steel Selection 101

Starting a 4x4 truck project can be a fun, exciting undertaking. However, it's also important that you plan that project carefully. With so many different components to consider, it can be overwhelming. The roll cage, however, is fairly simple. You'll have a few different metal choices for your truck's roll cage, but steel is typically the best choice. Here's a look at how to choose the steel for your 4x4 roll cage.

Consider Your Budget

In most cases, you'll have two primary options for your roll cage steel. You can choose either cold-drawn seamless steel tubing, or you might opt for a high-tensile steel tubing instead. You'll want to think about how each fits your budget. Cold-drawn steel tubing is far less expensive than the high-tensile steel alternative. In fact, high-tensile steel is often reserved for motorsports and other high-value applications. That's not to say you can't use it on your offroad truck if your budget allows for it, though.

Think About The Environment

Another important factor to consider is the environment where you'll be using your truck. Consider the hazards that you're likely to encounter in the event of a roll-over. The more obstacles and hazards there are in the area, the stronger you want your steel roll cage to be. If possible, consider high-tensile steel tubing in these cases. Otherwise, talk with your steel supplier about ways to reinforce cold-drawn steel for added strength.

Factor In The Weight Changes

Adding a roll cage to your truck is naturally going to increase the weight of the truck, but there's a definite difference in that increase depending on which type of steel you choose for that roll cage. High-tensile steel is actually lighter in weight than a cold-drawn steel tube. If you're trying to keep your truck's curb weight down, you'll want to consider high-tensile steel.

On the other hand, if the added weight could prove beneficial for traction purposes, you'll want to consider choosing cold-drawn steel instead. The extra weight provided by cold-drawn steel can help keep your truck secure on the terrain.

Building a roll cage for an off-road truck is a serious undertaking. You want to be sure that the cage is secure, strong, and will provide the necessary protection in case you end up rolling your truck. With these tips and the help of a professional steel supplier, you can find the steel that's the best fit for your roll cage needs.