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Selecting A Utility Body For Your Work Truck

Finding the right utility body for your truck depends a lot on how you use the truck and what you need from the body. There are many configurations available and many different materials available for your truck utility body, and if you can't find the right one, you may want to consider a custom body.

Design and Configuration

One of the first choices you will have to face is the design or style of the utility body that you want for your truck. You may want a truck body that is open in the back so that you can still haul things in the bed, or you might need a closed body to secure larger tools inside. If you are moving tall items to a job site, the open top could be a huge asset for you.

The layout of the boxes on the outside of the body can sometimes be changed if you custom order the body, but if you buy one all ready to go, find one that has a layout of tool areas that will fit all the things you need and make it easy for you to reach specific tools.

Material, Weight, and Durability

The material used for your truck body may be important. If you have a lot of very heavy tools going into the boxes, you may want to consider steel for the body for durability and strength. The steel comes at a price though; steel bodies are heavy and add to the overall weight of the truck.

Fiberglass is another option that you may want to consider and it can save you some weight, but it is not as durable as steel. Fiberglass is strong, but if there is an impact on the fiberglass panels, you may find that the panels break and are costly to repair. 

Aluminum bodies may be the best option if you are looking for a body that is both lightweight and durable. The aluminum is lighter than the steel and stronger than the fiberglass, giving you the best of both worlds. Talk to the distributor where you are buying your truck body about the options and the materials they offer to get an idea about what is the best option for you.

Custom Utility Bodies

There are some companies that can make a utility body for your truck specifically to your specifications and with the material that you choose. Custom bodies are expensive and do take a little time to get, but if you have to have a specific design or layout, it may be an option to look into.