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Roof Spray Polyurethane Foam: Why It Is The Right Choice For Your Home

Are you considering roof spray polyurethane foam (SPF) for your home or office? It is highly likely that you have made the right choice. This roof framing technique has been in existence for decades but has not gained quite a following yet.

SPF technique used in creating roofing for any building is a costly process but a worthwhile investment. Spray foaming refers to spraying a liquid over an existing roof that later solidifies, forming a thick foam layer.

You don't need to remove your existing roof when using SPF. You can clear out the dirt and debris from your roof, then add a layer of SPF by spraying the liquid over your roofing. A well-maintained SPF roofing can last you for over 50 years.

Aside from longevity, here are other benefits of SPF roofing for your home or commercial building:

Waterproof Your Home

The initial nature of the SPF being liquid makes it easy to travel across the entire roofing surface. The liquid can fill cracks or gaps on your existing roof, creating a waterproof surface. A significant advantage of SPF is that there are no seams or joints required in its construction. This consequently reduced the chances of water leakages to your home during the rainy season.

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike the normal roof construction that results in waste products, SPF roofing does not create any waste. The process only uses liquid to cover your roof surface. This helps to reduce the burden of waste management of construction material.

Different SPF roofing materials offer more environmentally friendly options, such as ultra-low global warming potential and zero ozone-depleting potential (ODP).

Energy Efficiency and Insulation

If you are keen on saving energy in your home, SPF roofing is the right technique for you. This roofing system offers an R-Value of 6.25 with every inch. This means that the foam is excellent in creating thermal resistance by maintaining internal temperatures.

With this type of insulation, you get to save on your utility costs significantly. Your HVAC units will not have to overwork when cooling or heating your home.


If you happen to have an old structure, using the common roofing methods can create a weight burden on your building. Your structure may not be strong enough to support it. SPF roofing weighs a quarter of a pound for every square foot. Even the weakest structure can be able to support this lightweight roofing material.


You can do your own SPF roofing with the use of a spray foam kit. However, due to the risk and complexity of the job, it is advisable to engage a reputable contractor to do it for you. Before installing the roof foam, be sure to review the cons of roof foaming to see if it out weighs the pros.