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A Comprehensive Guide To Water Storage Tanks And Their Installation

Water is vital for human survival. You need it to stay hydrated, regulate your body temperature, and maintain optimal physical performance. Moreover, you cannot execute agricultural endeavors and household activities like cleaning and cooking effectively without it. But, to enjoy the endless benefits of this commodity, you need to have it in plenty whenever required. One way of ensuring you have more than enough to use now and in the future is through water collection using storage tanks. This piece introduces you to common types of water tanks available today.

Common Water Storage Tanks

Some of the water tanks you will find in the market today include:

1. Polyethylene tanks

Polyethylene tanks are commonly known as plastic tanks. They come in various types, including below, above ground, vertical, and horizontal tanks. These tanks are used to store and transport water in households and industrial settings. Most people prefer plastic tanks because they are quick to install, and their lightweight quality makes them easy to handle. Plus, they are incredibly durable and resistant to leaks and corrosion. Not to forget that polyethylene tanks are affordable and demand minimum maintenance.

2. Folding frame tanks

Folding frame tanks are water storage solutions used mainly by aqua farmers, firefighters, and emergency water storage. Folding tanks come with foldable exteriors, which make them portable. They also contain PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or steel frames and additional accessories such as drain fittings and top covers. These collapsible tank benefits include fast and easy installation and foldability, making them ideal for transportation. Plus, most of the materials used to make them are rustproof, thereby guaranteeing a long lifespan.

3. Underground fiberglass tanks

Underground fiberglass tanks are designed to handle drinking and non-drinking water as well as wastewater. These water storage tanks come with robust outer exteriors that enable them to provide below-ground storage for a long time. Besides, since fiberglass is highly resistant to common water tank issues like rusting, denting, and splitting, these tanks are durable even in harsh underground conditions.

4. Bolted steel tanks

Bolted steel tanks are water storage solutions made from rolled steel panels connected with special bolts. The steel panels undergo manufacturing and finishing in a controlled environment, after which they are transported to the location of use, ready for assembly and bolting. That means these water storage tanks require less time to install than most other alternatives. Bolted steel tanks have many other positive qualities, including flexible sizing and expansion possibilities.

Get Professional Tank Installation Services

A water tank is only guaranteed to serve you well for a long time if it's properly installed. That is why you should call in a tank installation expert whenever you need to install a new water tank. That is advisable because professionals have the knowledge, skills, and experience required to tackle such a project flawlessly. Plus, they own tools like pop rivet guns, extension ladders, and cordless drills required in water tank installation.  For more information, contact a company like Eaton Sales & Service.