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How Cable Granulators Work

A cable granulator pulverizes wire strands and separates them from the plastic outer sheath that most cables are encased in. This process reduces the amount of labor that must be conducted manually and yields a high concentration of metal that can be sold for cash.

A Stripper Versus a Granulator

A wire stripper and a granulator are two pieces of equipment that are both designed to separate wires from the materials that insulate them. The difference between these two types of machines is the product that will be yielded. A wire stripper simply removes the outer sheath from each wire and leaves the wire intact. The pieces that wires were encased in are typically stored in a separate area than the wires themselves.

A granulator goes a step further than a wire stripper. It cuts wire pieces into small fragments, which may make it easier to store the metal waste. Some granulators will pulverize both the wire components and the outers heaths. Each component will be stored in a separate built-in bin.

At the end of a granulating session, an end user can easily dispose of the outer sheath fragments and can scoop up the fine fragments and bag or box them. Once a container has been filled with wire scrap pieces, the container can be hauled to a recycling facility that will pay for the scrap metal. Shopping for a granulator will save you money and yield you some extra cash. It is a smart way to handle the accumulation of excess scrap wire.

Floor and Tabletop Models

Before you view some granulators that are for sale, learn about how they work. A floor model granulator can be accessed from the front, the sides, and the back and will feature an inlet tray and a built-in blade. An electrostatic separation feature will charge the metal and plastic mix. Electrostatic separation technology will attract a metal wire material and discard of all of the plastic waste. Using this type of technology will ensure that none of the metal components are overlooked.

A floor model may contain a built in tool box that is designed to store wires, scrap pieces, and tools. Using a tool box will aid with keeping a granulator's inlet area free of debris. A tabletop granulator operates similarly to a floor model. A tabletop model should be secured to a workbench. Some granulators that are for sale may contain a quick blade release feature. This type of feature will allow an end user to quickly and safely switch out a cutting blade while they are standing in front of a granulator.

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